10 Things You Shouldn’t Buy Used


One of my rules of thumb when it comes to shopping is to never buy anything at suggested retail price. If I can, I almost always wait for a sale or promotion. Of course that doesn’t always work out. So sometimes, I look at used or refurbished items. However, while I love eBay and Craigslist, I’m not always totally comfortable buying things used. I kind of get weirded out not knowing who used it and if it’s actually in good condition. You just never know. While there are some things I would be comfortable buying used, there other things where I just wouldn’t take the risk. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t used (IMHO!):

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My First Ever Job – Customer Service Connoisseur! #FBF


I thought it would be fun today to do a #FBF or Flashback Friday and talk about my first ever job, along with what I learned from it (particularly when it comes to money!) Technically, my first job was working at my parent’s restaurant business growing up but my first ever REAL job was working in customer service at American Girl Place in NYC. If you’re a girl, you probably know what I’m talking about. Growing up, I always wanted an American Girl doll so when I got the job, I thought it was pretty cool. I spent a summer working there, which is one of the busiest times of the year. I definitely saw a lot and learned a lot in those few months.

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5 Things You’re Doing That’s Ruining Your Credit Score


Credit scores are a tricky thing. As we all know, having a good credit score is critical to our financial health. It’s essentially our report card when it comes to finances.  Even if you always pay your bills on time and don’t have a lot of debt, your credit score might not necessarily be that great. There are a lot of factors that go into determining your credit score and they’re not always obvious. A lot of the things we’re doing on a daily basis can have a negative affect on our credit scores and we might not even know it. Here are 5 ways to ruin your credit score that you might not be aware of (be sure to avoid them!):

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7 Healthy (But Cheap) Meals You’ll Love


Whenever I come across any tips on how to save money, cutting down on food costs always seems to be on the top of the list. And it irks me a little. Aside from rent, food is one of the biggest expenses we all have. While it’s easy to cut down on food costs by buying cheaper foods or buying less food, that often means we’re sacrificing our health for the sake of a buck. But we’re not really doing ourselves any favors. As I focus more and more on healthy living, I’ve been trying to find ways to make healthy but also frugal meals. There are so many ways to eat well on a budget. I’ve compiled some of my favorite inexpensive but good-for-you recipes here:

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Digit Review: Saving Made Super Easy

digitreviewA couple weeks ago, J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy shared with me a new service he discovered called Digit (thanks J!). Digit is basically a new service that helps you save money automatically. I like to think of it as saving for dummies. I’m not calling anyone a dummy here (except for maybe myself) but in essence, that’s Digit’s target market – the financially challenged. Digit saves money automatically and intelligently for you so that you don’t even have to think about it. Since I love new technology and I’m always interested in finding new ways to save money, I definitely wanted to give it a try. I’ve been using Digit for about two weeks now so today, I’ll share with you my first impressions. [Read more…]