You Get What You Pay For: Choosing Quality Over Quantity

I found this quote on Reddit and I just thought “this sums up how I feel perfectly”.  For me, being frugal is all about being smarter with your money. But sometimes, I feel like I just completely ignore that and the ‘cheap’ in me comes on. It’s hard to deny. There’s just something so attractive about a low price. But how much quality am I getting? Nothing really.

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Want A Better Deal? Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For It

I pay entirely too much for some things – like my rent, phone bill, food, coffee, etc. But living where I do, I don’t really have a choice (other than to move). Or do I? Lately, I’ve been having really good luck with bargaining. And by bargaining, I don’t mean walking into Starbucks in the morning and asking for a discount on a latte. That’s not going to work. But there are some things you can get a better deal on just by asking… [Read more…]

5 Ideas For Selling Your Used Clothing


Now that the temperatures are a little warmer, we’re all thinking about Spring. And one of my favorite things about this season is Spring cleaning! Yes, the OCD nerd in me loves the feeling of tossing away all my junk. One of the biggest things I like to hoard is clothes. I have a lot of them. But over this past year, I’ve made a conscious effort to stop buying so much and donate or sell the rest. If you’re like me and have ALOT of clothes and shoes to get rid of, here 5 ideas to help you sell them: [Read more…]

Could You Buy Nothing New For A Year?

I recently came across this interesting article by a woman named Sash Milne who bought nothing new for a year. Wow. When I read that, it sounded crazy to me. I love being frugal but I hate when people take it to the extreme and my first thought was that Sash was one of these people. However, as I read her article and watched her video interview, it really got me thinking: “could I do this?” Would I be able to buying nothing new for a year? Probably not. But I think what’s so interesting about her experiment is how she was able to find happiness and fulfillment in the things and people that were already around her. Does that just go to show that we have an unhealthy obsession with “stuff”? Does happiness come from things we have or the relationships we keep? I’ll probably always be thinking about the answers to these questions myself.

With Sash, I think her experiment showed that we put too much emphasis on things and not enough on people. She spent less time sitting in front of computer or in a mall and more time interacting and connecting with others. It’s not necessarily about how she didn’t buy anything in the span of a year, even though everyone likes to focus on that part of her story. It’s more about what she learned as a result. Hear her story here:

Would you be able to buy nothing new for a year? Do you think there’s a bigger message here?

5 Tips For A Successful ‘No Spend’ Challenge


Last month was Frugal February for me. I challenged myself to 30 days of consecutive no spending (well 28 since it was February…I cheated a little) .  This is a really popular challenge in the blog-o-sphere and I had always been hesitant to do it. I don’t have the best self control when it comes to shopping. But since January was a “big” spend month for me, I decided February would be a perfect time for a spending detox. I’m happy to report that I succeeded! It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be either. If you are interested in taking on the no spend challenge, here are my 5 tips for success: [Read more…]