#FrugalFebruary: Who’s With Me?


I don’t know about you guys but I’m still recovering from excessive holiday spending. I thought January would be a great month for me to slow down and get my budget back in order. But nope. The after-Christmas sales and the “Omg I haven’t seen you since before the holidays” get-togethers really brought me down. So now that January is about over and we’re almost into a new month, I’m going to try extra hard to get back in good financial shape…which is why I’m embarking on #FrugalFebruary!

#FrugalFebruary has popped up everywhere and there’s really no right or wrong way to go about it. It’s basically just a challenge to yourself to spend less and save more. Whichever way you tackle that is up to you. For me, this is what my #FrugalFebruary will look like:

  1. Here’s my biggie: February is going to a no-spend month for me! Aside from necessities, I’m not going to buy a single thing I don’t need. (this applies applies only to actual stuff…I’m still going to enjoy a night out once or twice).
  2. I splurged on a Nespresso machine for myself over the holidays (don’t judge, it was a great investment!) so that means in February, I’m going to be making my coffee every single day.
  3. In January, I ordered in or went out at least twice a week. In February, I’m going to cut that down to once a week (including a night out for Valentine’s Day!). I know many people who cut eating out altogether but I just can’t eat my own food every single meal.
  4. I’m going to get a head start on my Spring cleaning and either donate or sell anything I no longer want. Any profits I make will go straight to my savings. My goal here is an extra $500.

Now that you know what I’m doing next month, I want know…who’s with me!?! Let me know what you are challenging yourself to this #FrugalFebruary below!

6 Freebies You Should Take Advantage Of At Work


I’m currently solely focusing on freelance projects but if there’s one thing I miss about corporate America, it’s the benefits. As a freelancer, the perks of the job are pretty much non-existent. However, with a traditional 9-to-5 job, there are so many money saving benefits that many people aren’t even aware of. From 401Ks to food in the kitchen, the compensation you get from your job goes far beyond your base salary and health insurance. Here are 6 freebies and perks you should take advantage of at work ASAP: [Read more…]

Deal Alert: Amazon Prime Only $72 ($27 Off!)


I normally don’t post deals and steals type stuff here but you all know how much I love Amazon so I’ll make an exception.

This Saturday only (1/24), Amazon will be offering a 1-year membership to Amazon Prime for only $72. Regular price is $99 so that’s $27 off! That’s the cheapest it’s been since the price hike last year (Prime was $79 back then). For those of you who don’t know, the perks of Prime include free 2-day shipping, access to Prime Instant Video (lots of free TV shows and movies streaming), and cloud storage. This is a one-day only deal in celebration of Transparent’s win at the Golden Globes (Transparent is an Amazon original series). Also, Amazon will be offering Transparent free to stream all day Saturday, Prime or not. I’ve been wanting to watch this show so this might be the perfect time. (More info here)

We’ve had an Amazon Prime membership for the past 3 years and love it. I would happily pay the regular $99 price so $72 is a steal. It seems like a lot but I feel like it’s well worth it because I shop on Amazon so much. Here are some reasons I love Prime:

  • Amazon has the best selection and great prices. Enuff said!
  • With Prime, I no longer have to make trips to the store so much. It’s so convenient since I get everything in 2 days or less. Saves me time, energy, and transportation costs.
  • I also frequently use their Instant Video service. Lots of shows and movies to choose from. If you don’t have Netflix, this is a good alternative.

So yea, if you couldn’t tell already, I’m a Prime fan and highly recommend it if you’re thinking about signing up!

And with that…have a wonderful weekend!

5 Ways To Save For Your Next Vacation


It’s January and it’s cold, which means I have vacation on my mind. And I’m guessing most of you do too. Like many, I’m trying to plan my next big trip. But aside from deciding where to go, I’m also thinking about how to afford it. Vacations can definitely be quite pricey and sometimes, you can feel guilty for spending so much just one trip. But in my book, experiences are worth more than things so don’t feel bad for splurging. However, even if you’ve justified your trip, you still need to start saving for it ASAP. Here’s 5 tips to help you save for your next vacation:

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10 Common Frugal Myths Debunked


Recently, I was channel surfing on a gloomy Saturday afternoon and came across a show that I love to hate: Extreme Cheapskates on TLC. I’ll admit that this show is pretty entertaining to watch and it brings all the EWWW, WOW, and Seriously!?! factors rolled into one show. However, I can’t help but feel negatively against this show because it just gives frugality a bad name. No, contrary to what the show may tell you, most frugal people don’t dumpster dive for food or use their hair as floss (yes, the ‘cheapskate’ did that in the episode I watched…I kid you not).

Us frugal folks get a really bad reputation sometimes. So today, I’m going to take the time to put to rest 10 frugal myths that just aren’t true.

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