5 Ways To Try and Save More


This is a guest post from Rachel Potter.

If you have tried to save money and been unable to, it might be time to check your savings habits and see how they look in comparison to your spending habits. This is because we often end up spending money we could save but when it comes time to actually save money, we put ourselves in a position where we’re stuck in a rut and there seems to be nothing left to save. This article will show you how to check your savings and then put them to work so that they are earning money and not just sitting around. [Read more…]

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Cat?


In October, we finally got a fur baby – a kitten we named Kiko!

We absolutely love her and she’s added so much fun and joy to our lives but at the same time, I didn’t really do much research on how much it actually costs to own a cat and I’ve been unpleasantly surprised. Of course, you can’t really put a monetary value on a pet since he/she essentially feels like another member of the family. However, pets can be expensive and it’s best to be prepared. How much does it cost to own a cat?

To date, here is what I’ve spent on Kiko so far: [Read more…]

A Frugal Holiday Gift Guide (No Shopping Required*)

frugalholidaygiftguideBuying gifts for other people can be seriously overwhelming. Sometimes, I just want to give people 20 bucks and call it a day but I guess that’s frowned upon. I’m usually a last minute gift shopper, which is why we’re less than 15 days away from Christmas and I still haven’t done any shopping. But that’s OK because I actually don’t have to do THAT much shopping this year.

I do have a few Secret Santa gifts to pick up but aside from that, I’m not really doing actual gifts this year. My family and most of my close friends tend to forgo gift giving since it gives everyone a headache and we all just end up with sweaters and socks we don’t need. Instead, we prefer to do nice things for each other or, if we’re feeling adventurous, make something. As I brainstorm about what I’m going to do or make, I decided to put together my own frugal gift guide. Most of these things don’t require any shopping since you can do it for free, do it online or get everything you need in your own home (with a few exceptions, hence the *). Here we go:

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5 Money Rules Every 20-Something Should Follow


Rules…what rules? Most 20-somethings have a ‘young,wild & free’ attitude and I don’t blame us. As a 20-something, I often think I’m young and indestructible and that I don’t need to waste my time worrying about life just yet. While I think that’s true in many aspects, money isn’t one of them. I use to have quite a few bad money habits and I’m glad I got out of them quickly because habits can be hard to break once you’ve let them set in. That’s why that it’s so important to get into good financial habits in your 20s. Even though retirement is quite a while away, the financial choices you make now can have a impact on what retirement looks like for you. As a 20-something myself, I’ve put together 5 money rules that I think all 20-somethings should follow:

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What’s In My Wallet?


I’ve seen a few of these ‘what’s in my wallet or purse?’ posts floating around the blog-o-sphere. Call me a creeper but I love reading them! I find it so interesting to see what people carry with them everyday. You can actually learn a lot about someone just by taking a peek into their wallet (not that I recommend looking at a stranger’s wallet.). Here’s a look at mine!

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