10 Side Jobs Anyone Can Do For Extra Money

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side jobsIf you don’t know what a side hustle is, you should get on it. I started side hustling, primarily as a writer, to make extra income about two years ago. And I wish I started sooner. Everyone can use some extra money every month, no matter what your financial situation is.

Even if you have a full time job, having a side hustle or side job is possible. I’m not talking about the part-time-job-at-the-mall kind of hustle. I’m talking about the many side jobs you can do from anywhere, whenever you have some time. Want to roll out of bed and do some side hustling in your PJs? No worries. Want to earn some extra money during your lunch break? Go for it! There’s literally a side hustle for everyone. To get you started, here are 10 side jobs almost anyone can do for extra money:

1. Write

Let’s start with the obvious: write. Before you say you can’t write, let me tell you you can. Before this blog, I had no professional writing experience or training. My educational background was in business and finance. But somehow, I became a freelance writer. It takes some practice to hone your skills. But if you can type and string some words together, you’re good.

2. Be a Uber driver

The sharing economy is a thing now. And a large part of that is thanks to Uber. If you have a car, you can moonlight as a taxi driver. There’s definitely a huge demand for this type of service and you can do it whenever you have some time.

3. Sell your stuff on eBay

Everyone has stuff they don’t need. So sell it on eBay. If you have something that is high-in-demand, a designer brand, or limited edition, you’ll probably be able to resell it and make some money back. You can also try Craiglist, for larger items.

4. Be a brand ambassador

Ever see someone handing out samples in public? That person is probably a brand ambassador. A brand ambassador represents a company and their product/service in public or at a public event. You might be giving out samples or demonstrating how to use products. While you’ll have to be on your feet for long periods, you could be earning up to $20/hr. Start by looking for gigs on Craigslist and signing up for a profile on StuckForStaff.

5. Join a focus group

Join a focus group and get paid just to give your opinion. Some focus groups may only take an hour or two while others are longer term. You can even find some that are online only. Start your search on Craigslist and FocusGroup.com. You can also look for local market research groups.

6. Be a virtual assistant

Many companies and entrepreneurs are looking for virtual assistants, who can provide administrative support whenever needed. Tasks can include responding to emails, managing a calendar and data entry. You can connect with clients who are looking for virtual assistants on sites like Upwork.com

7. Be a mystery shopper

If you like to shop (like I do), being a mystery shopper might be your dream side job. Mystery shoppers are usually hired by market research companies to go in stores and help evaluate the quality of the customer experience. You might be tasked with making a purchase and talking to a sales associate. You can get certified at MSPA North America and gain access to companies looking for mystery shoppers.

8. Rent out your space

Have you ever thought about renting out your home while you were away for a weekend or on vacation? Not everyone is comfortable with it. But if you are, it’s a great way to make some extra cash. Just be sure to go through reputable sites like AirBnB.

9. Buy & resell

Buying a product in bulk and reselling it can really be profitable. You have to find the right product and be able to source it at a cheap price. But if you figure out a sweet spot, you can ring in a lot of sales.

10. Start a blog

I hesitate to add this to the list but I will – start a blog. It isn’t easy and will take a lot of time and work before it generates any income. But it’s fun (to me at least) and gives you the opportunity to network with other bloggers and companies, who might be interested in hiring you as a freelancer.

If you need to make more money, think outside of the box. There are plenty of ways to create extra income, right from your home computer. See what works for you. And most of all, just keep hustling.

What are you favorite side hustles?


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    Tutoring! I used to do pretty well with math tutoring. Parents are willing to pay quite a bit for a good tutor and if it works out, you can set up a weekly tutoring schedule. This probably works best with math, standardized tests, foreign languages, and technology, but I’m sure there are other subjects I’m missing.

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