11 Money Saving Life Hacks for City Living

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Moving to live in the city can be one of the most exciting experiences in a person’s life. If you have never experienced city living, you are in for a fantastic time. The culture, art scene and array of restaurants will keep you busy. However, it is also important to realise that living in a city can quickly become expensive.

Following these 11 money saving tips can help ensure that you succeed financially and do not make a major dent on your wallet.

1. Feature your apartment online for short-term rentals

Using a website like airbnb when you are out of town can help you earn some extra cash. If you live in a big city, chances are that visitors or tourists will be likely to rent your apartment even for a weekend if the price is lower than surrounding hotels.

2. Open a savings account

If you do not have a savings account, then it is time to open one. With an instant access savings account from institutions like Clydesdale Bank, this can help you start saving funds for future needs.

3. Use public transportation

Public transportation can help you cut down on fuel and parking costs. It can also give you the opportunity to explore new parts of the city at a low cost.

4. Use online coupons and rebates

Online coupons and rebates can help you save money on clothing, accessories and even toiletries. While you may be able to find the occasional trendy outfit at boutiques in the city, it can be smart to shop online for professional clothing and other needs.

5. Pay off your credit cards

Before you move to a big city, it may be in your best interest to pay off your credit cards. Paying off your debts will ensure that you start out on the right track in your new city life.

6. Utilise the library

Use the public library for books, CDs and DVDs. There is no need for you to purchase these items or take up additional space in your apartment.

7. Cancel a gym membership

While living in the city, you may find that gym memberships are very expensive. One way to save money is to do your workout outdoors and avoid gym membership fees all together.

8. Cut out alcohol from your diet

Not only is it better for your health, you may be surprised how much you save when you stop drinking martinis in the big city bars.

9. Carry cash

If you carry cash, you will be less likely to spend money on useless items. Make a rule that you won’t use your debit card for discretionary items.
10. Use online taxi services

If you must use a cab, check out services like Uber or other online taxi companies. You can often save tremendously by choosing to plan in advance and use these.

11. Take advantage of free entertainment

Go to the free museums and shows that your new home has to offer. You may be able to find student productions of classic shows at a discounted rate not very far from where you live.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a great lifestyle in any city. Just remember to be careful with your money and have fun during your time in the metropolis that you choose.

This is a guest post from our blogger friend, Isabella.


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    Good tips–I definitely use the library frequently and keep tabs on free or cheap entertainment outlets. Some apartment complexes do free lunches or breakfasts periodically too, which can be another good money saver.

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