5 Easy Ideas For Selling Used Clothing

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Now that the temperatures are a little warmer, we’re all thinking about Spring. And one of my favorite things about this season is Spring cleaning! Yes, the OCD nerd in me loves the feeling of tossing away all my junk. One of the biggest things I like to hoard is clothes. I have a lot of them. But over this past year, I’ve made a conscious effort to stop buying so much and donate or sell the rest. If you’re like me and have ALOT of clothes and shoes to get rid of, here 5 ideas to help you sell them:

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are a great way to get some cash from your gently used clothing that you no longer want. They buy your used items and resell them. Many consignment shops only buy specific brands or items so be sure to check with the one in your area before you haul in a big box of clothes. Some national consignment shop chains include¬†the Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet, and Turn Style. I used Plato’s Closet back in my college days. I didn’t get much money back but that was expected since I didn’t have any name brand items. I was just glad they wanted my Old Navy stuff and the whole experience was simple and fast.


If you don’t have a consignment shop in your area or just want a more convenient option, try ThredUp. They are essentially an online version of a consigment shop. They send you a bag and you can ship back to them in that bag any of your used clothing and shoe items. Shipping is free both ways. They then email you how much they’re willing to pay you for your items. For the items they don’t want, they donate them. Or you can pay $12.99 to have them ship it back to you.

eBay & Craigslist

If you have a lot of designer items, consignment shops might not be a great place to sell them. You can probably get more elsewhere. For items that are high value, try eBay or Craiglist. It takes a little more effort to sell them and it might be a big headache (especially because of all the sketchy buyers on Craigslist), but if you’re careful, you can probably recoup a good percentage of what you originally paid.

Facebook groups

You can do almost anything on Facebook these days and that includes selling your clothes. There are many, many Facebook groups dedicated to these that. Many are targeted to specific areas so that you can meet up and exchange your goods easily. If you find a Facebook group for selling clothes in your area, check it out.

Friends & family swap

You can also¬†consider holding a big swap with family and friends. Have everyone bring a few items and make an event out of it. One thing I’m nervous about when it comes to buying used clothing is not knowing the person who used it. I trust my family and friends and know that whatever I swap or buy from them is in good condition. Plus, I know plenty of stylish people and secretly want to raid their closets. This is a great excuse to!

Lastly, you can also donate your gently used clothing and shoes items. There are some great organizations, like Dress For Success, that are always in need.

Have you sold your clothing in the past? How did you do it?


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