Hey there. I’m Connie, a 20-something living in NYC. I am a New York native – born and raised in Brooklyn. I went to college in a small town in upstate New York (it seemed small to me with a population of around 50,000…I guess that can be considered big to some?). After graduating, I promptly moved back to the big city to start my career.

I’ve spent the past five years working in the eCommerce industry. In my spare time, I’m a freelance writer, content manager, and digital strategist.

To be completely honest, I’m probably not the ideal person to be writing about personal finance. A few years ago, I was drowning in $20,000 worth of student loans and charging up a storm on my credit card, without any kind of real plan to get myself out of it. After realizing how much I was earning (not much) and how much I needed to save (a lot), I knew I had to make some changes. And that’s how Savvy With Saving came to be.

I started this blog to keep myself accountable for my finances and also share my successes (and failures) along the way. Over the past few years, a lot has changed. I’m no longer in debt and in a pretty good place financially but there’s still a lot more work to be done. My goal is be financially independent and ultimately, just spend my time doing things I love…without having to worry about money. I’d like to take you on this little journey with me and hopefully share any great tidbits I learn along the way.


*a somewhat obvious but obligatory disclaimer – i am not a professional. please take any of my opinions or advice with a grain of salt. i love to share any great tips i find but keep in mind, what works for me won’t necessarily work for you.


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    Cool story! You should come out to the NYC meetups next time. I was in NYC a couple months ago w/ PT, Broke and Beautiful, etc.

    Can you point me to your story about deciding to leave your eCommerce job to freelance? I’m always intrigued by what gives people the courage to do so!



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