Apartment Hunting In NYC Is Depressing

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I always seem to be apartment, condo, or house hunting. Since we have a very flexible lease on our current place, we’re always considering our options, whether it’s renting or buying. If we somehow came upon a great deal in the NYC area and are able to snatch it up, we’d be ready to move in a heartbeat.

However, looking at available apartments in NYC is getting more and more depressing. It would be amazing if we could find a 1 bedroom or large studio near transportation and below $1800 a month (or even $2000 a month!) but that really doesn’t look like a reality unless we want to live really far away from the subway, in a closet, or all the way uptown. Don’t believe me? Here’s my compilation of the less-than-appealing places I’ve come across lately.

1. $1830/ month: Studio on the Upper East Side – Paying almost $2k a month won’t even get you a proper bathroom. This sink doesn’t look like it retains water very well…












2. $1100 / month: 1 bedroom in 2 bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side – For $1100, you can share a 2 bedroom apartment with a stranger. Also, your room would probably only be able to fit you and a twin bed.













3. $1775 / month: 1 bedroom in Washington Heights – For about $1800, you could have no counter space. Unclear whether you get a fridge either.















4. $1995 / month: studio in the East Village – You can live in the East Village for $2k. However, you’ll only get 350 sq. ft….so basically everything you see in this picture.












5. $1900 / month: 1 bedroom in Midtown West – You can be in the middle of it all for $1900! However, you only get 200 sq. ft. and the bathtub is out in the middle of the apartment.














Remind me why I love NYC again?


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    Haha – how frustrating. Those prices and flats remind me of London. There was a report recently about someone renting out a loft which was less than 4ft high as a bedroom for over $1k a month! Its just insane in the middle of these big major cities!!

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    NYC makes LA look like the midwest in terms of prices. 🙂 I was just bitching about the plumbing in my somewhat crappy but good location apt. and it being 1450 with the worst plumbing ever. I guess drano is better than really, REALLY expensive rent.

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    Keep an eye out on this site: http://www.skymanagement.com/nyc-apartments-rent/apartments.php

    There are some good deals to be had every once in a while AND there is no broker fee if you go directly through them.

    Also, if you find some roommates, it’s even better. I love me UWS apartment. My gf and I have the bottom floor of a duplex (we get our own bedroom, entryway room, bathroom, and use of the upstairs living room and kitchen with two other roommates and I only pay $875!

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    I have been living in NYC for the past four years and i could tell that it is always frustrating on apartment hunting. I used to live in Long Island City in Queens where i shared a 2BR and it was 1,250/mth but that was 4 years ago. After that i moved to Upper West Side and for a studio i had to pay 1,700/mth it was quite big cause of the loft but yes the bathroom was really a piece of art — so tiny and cramped. I rented for about 2,5 years before i moved back to Queens and rented a studio big enough it almost look like a 1BR and i paid less than 1,500/mth. Real estate in NYC is so crazy and keeps on increasing each year. I’m thinking of moving with my bf next year to Brooklyn if things are going smooth. At least we could cut the rent and save on something for the future like wedding. 🙂

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