Could You Buy Nothing New For A Year?

I recently came across this interesting article by a woman named Sash Milne who bought nothing new for a year. Wow. When I read that, it sounded crazy to me. I love being frugal but I hate when people take it to the extreme and my first thought was that Sash was one of these people. However, as I read her article and watched her video interview, it really got me thinking: “could I do this?” Would I be able to buying nothing new for a year? Probably not. But I think what’s so interesting about her experiment is how she was able to find happiness and fulfillment in the things and people that were already around her. Does that just go to show that we have an unhealthy obsession with “stuff”? Does happiness come from things we have or the relationships we keep? I’ll probably always be thinking about the answers to these questions myself.

With Sash, I think her experiment showed that we put too much emphasis on things and not enough on people. She spent less time sitting in front of computer or in a mall and more time interacting and connecting with others. It’s not necessarily about how she didn’t buy anything in the span of a year, even though everyone likes to focus on that part of her story. It’s more about what she learned as a result. Hear her story here:

Would you be able to buy nothing new for a year? Do you think there’s a bigger message here?

Let’s Get Back To Celebrating The Gift Of Giving

2 days til Christmas!

I ventured out to the jungle this weekend, otherwise known as Target, to pick up a couple last-minute things. For some stupid reason unknown to even myself, I decided to go at prime time at 3PM on Saturday. The scene was chaotic. Shelves were almost empty, merchandise thrown everywhere, and the line to pay was almost out the door. While I only had a few things to get, most of the people in front of me had carts full of toys and wrapping paper. I was standing there at Target thinking some kids were going to be very happy this Christmas. But at same time (and I get this feeling every holiday season), I couldn’t help but think about how Christmas is so much about receiving when it should be about giving.

This isn’t the greatest example but I remember watching these Jimmy Kimmel videos where parents trick their kids by giving them a terrible Christmas present, like a banana or a half-eaten sandwich. Some of the reactions were….pretty bad. Take a look for yourself:

Of course, these are just kids and if I got a banana for Christmas as I kid, I would be pretty bummed too. But I feel like this is a great example of what this holiday shouldn’t be about: receiving. I came across this great story today of a boy who decided to spend the $120 he saved up this year on making brown bag lunches for the homeless. His dad then drove him around town to distribute it. Check it out here. I really love stories like this, especially during this time of the year. Even though we might not get everything we want this year, we still have everything we could ever need. There’s so many people out there who won’t have a place to stay or a hot meal on Christmas day. We really are the lucky ones.

While we might be frantically shopping for last minute gifts in these next couple of days, let’s try to get back to celebrating Christmas through a true gift of giving.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Cat?


In October, we finally got a fur baby – a kitten we named Kiko!

We absolutely love her and she’s added so much fun and joy to our lives but at the same time, I didn’t really do much research on how much it actually costs to own a cat and I’ve been unpleasantly surprised. Of course, you can’t really put a monetary value on a pet since he/she essentially feels like another member of the family. However, pets can be expensive and it’s best to be prepared. How much does it cost to own a cat?

To date, here is what I’ve spent on Kiko so far: [Read more…]

What’s In My Wallet?


I’ve seen a few of these ‘what’s in my wallet or purse?’ posts floating around the blog-o-sphere. Call me a creeper but I love reading them! I find it so interesting to see what people carry with them everyday. You can actually learn a lot about someone just by taking a peek into their wallet (not that I recommend looking at a stranger’s wallet.). Here’s a look at mine!

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Apartment Hunting In NYC Is Depressing

I always seem to be apartment, condo, or house hunting. Since we have a very flexible lease on our current place, we’re always considering our options, whether it’s renting or buying. If we somehow came upon a great deal in the NYC area and are able to snatch it up, we’d be ready to move in a heartbeat.

However, looking at available apartments in NYC is getting more and more depressing. It would be amazing if we could find a 1 bedroom or large studio near transportation and below $1800 a month (or even $2000 a month!) but that really doesn’t look like a reality unless we want to live really far away from the subway, in a closet, or all the way uptown. Don’t believe me? Here’s my compilation of the less-than-appealing places I’ve come across lately.

1. $1830/ month: Studio on the Upper East Side – Paying almost $2k a month won’t even get you a proper bathroom. This sink doesn’t look like it retains water very well…












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