Don’t Panic: 7 Signs You’re Doing Just Fine In Your 20s

doingfineIf you want to feel good about yourself, don’t go on social media. It seems like everyday I see something pop up on Facebook and Instagram from friends my same age talking about luxury vacations, designers outfits and fancy nights out on the town. Meanwhile, I’m sitting on my couch in my tiny NYC apartment eating a crockpot meal. Sure, most of these posts are wildly exaggerated but sometimes, I can’t help but be a little bit jealous.

When you’re young, you tend to have an idealized fantasy of what your 20s will look like. Then you get into the real world and realize how totally different “real life” is and specifically, how much being an adult actually costs. But cheer up. While you might not be living large just yet, you’re on your way. If you can relate to any of these 7 signs, you’re doing just fine.

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The Dumbest Personal Finance Mistakes You Can Make

dumbest personal finance mistakesI’ve done plenty of dumb things in my life, especially when it comes to finances.  I’m am impulsive shopper and I’ve had some questionable judgement in the past (just look at my overflowing closet of stuff I hardly wear). But I’m a firm believer that mistakes are a good thing. You learn from them and hopefully, you don’t make the same mistakes twice.

I’m sure we can all admit to at least one dumb personal finance mistake. It’s OK, we’re human. But one day, you’ll look back, laugh, and say “wow I was so dumb back then…but not anymore!”. But for now, let’s take a look at some of the dumbest personal finance mistakes we all too easily make. [Read more…]

4 Easy Steps To Creating Your First Budget

first budgetI remember the first time I attempted to create a budget. This was a few years back and I was still confused about what exactly a budget was. But hey, if everyone was doing, shouldn’t I? Needless to say, my first budget wasn’t successful and I’ve since gone through countless iterations.

Creating a budget can be overwhelming, especially if you’re young and still trying to figure out what to do with your money. To start, don’t try to do too much. Forget the gigantic spreadsheets and maze of numbers. Your first budget should be effective, yet simple. Take a look at these 4 easy steps (plus one important pre-step) to creating a successful first budget.

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What Is Your Money Motto?

money motto

Do you have a motto that you live by? Mine might be ‘eat more cake’. But in all seriousness, I really like the idea of having a motto. There are definitely going to be times you go off course. And you’ll probably have multiple (and maybe very different) mottoes over your lifetime. But it’s a nice little reminder of what you strive to be.

But the problem is that one motto doesn’t properly encompass all aspects of your life. You treat different issues differently, especially when it comes to money. How do you think about money? And how would you like to change that thinking? All very important questions when it comes to deciding what your money motto is.

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Frugal By Choice: The NFL Player Living On $60k A Year

In the world of professional sports, players’ salaries are notoriously large. Make it to the big leagues and you’re set for life….right? Well, not so fast. It’s not uncommon to hear about sports players going bankrupt. After all, it’s easy to spend a few million here and there [insert sarcasm]. One thing many professional sport players suffer from is lifestyle inflation. First the big mansion, then the fancy car (or two or three), then add in a private jet. To top it off, family start coming out of the woodwork. Then pretty soon, the millions don’t seem that much anymore.

One professional sports player knew this story all too well. Ryan Broyles , of the NFL’s Detroit Lions, had inked a contract worth $3.6 million in 2012. But instead of falling into the trap of fame, he decided to do something rather crazy – live on $60,000 a year.

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