GlamBot Review: Sell Your Used Makeup Online

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glambotI have ALOT of makeup. My excuse is that I use to work in the beauty industry so I buy a lot of products to test and I would also get things for free. But I’ll admit, that’s just an excuse. I have more than enough products for a lifetime and most of it just sits in a drawer, never touched. Now that I no longer work in the beauty industry, I thought it was time for me to try to get rid of some of it.

I’ve been going through my stash and picked out a pile to give away to friends. After that, I was still left with a pretty big pile that I didn’t know what to do with. I didn’t know if selling used makeup was actually a thing for sanitary reasons but I did some Googling and stumbled upon GlamBot. GlamBot is basically an online consignment store…for makeup. You ship your used products to them, they give you a price, and you can choose whether or not to accept it. On the flip side, you can also shop for used luxury beauty products at a discounted price.

Since all my unwanted makeup was basically going to be tossed out, I decided to give GlamBot a try. I went on their website and requested them to email me a shipping label so that I could ship my makeup to them (shipping is on them). One note – they will only accept high-end, luxury brands. That means no drugstore products. You also must ship them at least 10 items per shipment.

IMG_1635I have more than 10 products I don’t want but I decided to start with shipping them 10. I sent them a mix of high-end brands, all used (pic to the left). The price of each vary but I would estimate, on the low end, about $30 each. Of course, since they are all used, the value of it is drastically lower.

It took me about 2 weeks to get a quote back. They offered me $78 in cash (payable by Paypal), $95 in Glambucks (credit to their store), or a 50/50 distribution. I opted for the cash and received it in my Paypal account a couple hours later.

All in all, I would definitely sell to Glambot again. You don’t get much back but when you use a makeup product once, it’s not worth much anyways. Also, it’s a lot easier than trying to sell it one by one on eBay (update: I just found out you can’t sell used makeup on eBay so that’s not an option!).

Also, on the other hand, this might sound strange or contradictory, but while I would sell to them, I’m not sure I would purchase anything on GlamBot. I take good care of my makeup but I’m not sure if everyone else does too. I don’t know if they hold their sellers to any type of standards or if they sanitize everything before selling it. There’s something about using someone else’s makeup that I’m not totally comfortable with!

Would you consider buying or selling on Glambot?


  1. says

    I’m a bit unsure of the idea of buying from them, but I’d certainly sell if I had too much. It’d help if they explained their sanitation process in more detail. I’m sure it is possible to do this safely somehow else they wouldn’t be a business for long but I’d like to learn more about what I’d get into before taking the plunge.

    Good on you for making a nice earning through this, certainly something I didn’t know about before.

    • Connie @ Savvy With Saving says

      Me too. I would definitely like to know more about their sanitation process if I ever want to buy anything.

  2. says

    I have never heard of that . I wonder if they sell the makeup that were used. But thats kinda cool that you got that much for the makeup that was just sitting there. I wish I knew you so I can raid your makeup stash =)

    • Connie @ Savvy With Saving says

      They resell it, though I’m not sure what kind of sanitation process they have in place.

      My friends and family definitely had fun raiding my stash! 🙂

  3. says

    Hmm… interesting! I’ve been looking for a place like this. I really need to consolidate my makeup collection, so I’m definitely going to check them out!

  4. Becca says

    Hmm…I’m not sure how I feel about this. I was considering selling some things to them but after seeing how little you got for the things you sent…I’m losing interest in it. While I understand the items weren’t being use anyhow so the money was better than the dust collecting on them…I still don’t really feel like you got enough for what you sent in. I’ve had a lot of luck selling some of my used items in various trusted Facebook Makeup Groups…I think I’ll stick to that. And no…I cant see myself buying from them….gives me the heebie jeebies to think that I have absolutely 100% no clue where the products came from, etc.

    • Connie @ Savvy With Saving says

      Thanks for suggesting the FB groups! Never knew about those. I definitely agree with you – I could’ve gotten more if I sold them individually. But at the same time, it was very easy for me just to throw them in a box and ship it to them. I guess you have to choose between profit vs. convenience.

    • yuzy says

      pls dnt sell to them..they re criminals, i sold very high end almost new makeup from chanel to tom ford to mac,mufe,nars,name it ,i had all types but those theives offered me 60bucks store credit or 50 paypal….what,only my mac palette is worth 150 bucks talk more of the others.pls pls pls…instead of them just give it out or donate it,then you know its going to a good cause instead of making these thieves richer and they will sell each of ur stuff 1-5 dollars less than the actual original price…criminals…

  5. Terry says

    ugh, I wished I seen the fb group before selling to them. I would NOT recommend GlamBot. I just got an offer that I feel I got completely ripped off….I should I just save my makeup as a collection.
    I sent them 24 items! The newest YSL ink foundation that’s new, 4 new YSL lip stain, new becca foundation, Givenchy foundation new, smash box bronzer and highlighter where I swatch 2x , bunch of Lancôme new lipgloss…and high end lipsticks. They only gave me an over for $136. Cash , $163 glambot cash.
    I waited for over a month for this offer and when I emailed them to make it wasn’t lost. They emailed me with are you sure it’s the right zip code you sent it to. You guys sent me the label?! Really
    4th week I checked in again and they gave me the catch it should be there Monday, Monday came no emails. I emailed again ,the week after that ” oh offers will go up 24 hrs ” 4 days later.

    You sent them 10 items and most were use and got $78 , while I sent 24 item most new and got $136.
    I can’t even …….never again.

    • Connie @ Savvy With Saving says

      Sorry you had such a bad experience! While the $78 quote I received was low, I thought it was fair since everything I sent was used and not top-tier luxury products. I think you should’ve gotten more, especially since you sent new products. I hope the FB groups work out better for you next time.

      • terry says

        Thanks! I deft should of gotten a higher offer. I see what their doing. They are giving bloggers and guru a higher amount for giving them good reviews. On youtube WhatwouldLizzydo channel review for Glambot. It was insane seeing how many people spoke up in the comment section about getting lowball….every stories sounds basically alike. They took forever to quote, hardly answered emails, and gave horrible offers. They are a horrible company.

        • yuzy says

          thank you. ..they re criminals. pls pls pls pls people learn from my mistake, keep your makeup or donate it to charity instead of selling to them…they will rip you off into pieces and smile to the bank with ur makeup money….do not listen to youtubers. ..they re being paid to help steal from us

  6. Rebecca says

    You got such a good offer. I sent them 13 items (10 are full sized) that are all practically barely used and they only offered me $35 cash or $45 credit. Don’t know if I should accept the offer or not. Feels like they’re ripping me off knowing roughly how much they’ll relist it for on their site if I accept the offer. On the other hand, I wasn’t using them so it was kind of a waste of money that way too.

    • Connie says

      Oh that’s terrible. Sounds like I really lucked out. I recently tried, which is a used makeup marketplace, and I recommend it!

  7. Ines Latt says

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your post just now, even though I’m months late haha. I was wondering if you get the money after they sell it? or do they give you an offer right when they receive it? also, if you reject their offer what happens next? hope to hear back! thanks (:

    • Connie says

      I received payment shortly after I accepted the offer. I didn’t have to wait for the items to sell. I’m not sure what happens if you reject the offer, I’m sure you can shoot them an email and ask!

  8. Chie says

    BE WARNED!! — They low-ball you for the products that you sell to them. unless you’re a blogger or youtube guru then you might get a higher offer. please be sure to read comments and reviews from others who have sold to Glambot before you sell them anything. if you don’t mind that, then go for it. I have sent them 10+ items in really good condition and they only offered $65. and then they will resell them for an estimate of $2-3 off the product’s original price. so that’s a big rip-off. you might have a better chance getting a fair price for selling your products at (Blogsale)

    if you reject their offer, they will invoice you for the return shipping. so basically, you’ll have to pay them to get your products back. i’m still waiting for that invoice. i don’t recommend selling to Glambot… but that’s just my own opinion. as for buying, go to a blogsale first and check them out. in regards to sanitizing, you can sanitize used products you buy from others. search ‘how to sanitize makeup’ in youtube. u’ll find a lot of videos there.

    • terry says

      Totally Agree with you! they offer bloggers and guru more money than ordinary everyday ladies where they know they can scam. Its so grimey that you need to sent in 20+ item to sell. I hope theyll run out of business soon!! Glamscam

  9. lynette reynolds says

    when you buy from glambot not only do they sanitize it they send it to you all shrinkwrapped like new, totally cleaned. they have a crazy cleaning process. its totally sanitized, brand new looking and they usually give you samples, gift cards etc

  10. Maritza says

    I will never sell to GLAMBOT!!! I sent 60+ items, all mixed as far as high and low end products. kevyn Aucoin, Chanel, Smash box, Nars, Stila, MAC, Cargo, Laura Geller, 2 sets of never used sigma brushes. The list goes on. They offered me 116.00 dollars to be sent to my Paypal or 140.00 glam bucks. I accepted to glam bucks. (desperate right) They then sent me an email stating that : Notes from the Sell Team:- We do not buy Laura Geller, Smashbox, or Cargo brand products. This offer expires in 14 days! Be sure to accept or reject. Items from expired offers will be listed for sale or disposed of accordingly. If you accept this offer, non-qualifying items will be recycled or disposed of. Rejected offers can be returned to you for the cost of shipping.

    When I sent my items I read what they accepted and those brands indeed where on the list!
    I offered to pay for shipping for my items back that they didn’t accept. I did not get a response back until 3 days later stating that sorry items have already been disposed. I then told them that I offered to pay for shipping and that was allot of products for them to dispose of. And told them you know this is considered fraud right?? They then replied back that they were going to have someone try there best to find my items to ship them back to me. Charged me 5 bucks but that was ok with me!!! This was April 14 that I sent my Paypal payment for shipping and still waiting. I was not sent a confirmation of shipment. They might just say it was lost in the mail. I have never been ripped off like this before. I will continue to share my horrible experience anywhere I can.

  11. Suzanne Gorski says

    Wish I had done more research.,I sent 65 items, 80% new. I got two offers because I rejected the first one. I rejected the 2nd offer and asked for items to be returned. It took a week before I got a bill for $25 “ransom” and I have yet to get a response as to when or if my box has been shipped. I have attempted several emails, since I can’t find a phone number. I hope I don’t have to contact Consumer Affairs here in CA.mAnyone considering just handing over your high end makeup, think twice.

  12. Jenn says

    I totally felt the past few times I was super low balled for my items.msorry I only found found this post now. I wasn’t getting much use from my items so I’ve taken the paltry offers. Also I did not want to deal with them charging/sending back items. There was one instance where I commented on my low offer and was able to get a slightly better offer-I also had to fight them on accepting smashbox/illamasqua since it had been on their site and then when I received my offer it said they weren’t accepted. The first 2 times I use them were great and then downhill from there. I definitely should have not expected they will improve/become more fair.

  13. HOLLY says

    Phone: (415) 484-3529
    Robert Zimtea
    625 S STREET, SACRAMENTO, CA 95811
    Hmm I’m wondering if this is the correct contact # and business address for Glambot instead of getting stuck in email hell. Well if it is I’m more than happy to be of assistance. If I owned this business it would definitely be operated differently.

  14. Margaret says

    I have makeup to sell. How do I do it? The Doctors show said that the makeup used is sanitized and good to use.

  15. CoCo says

    How can you be so judgemental about using other people’s hand me downs but give your already used makeup away expecting your “friends and family” to use it? Family or friends used is used and if it’s uncomfortable one way it should be the same the other

  16. Becccah says

    Dude don’t sell to gambot if you want a fair amount for your items. i made a spread sheet of all the items i sent them. it was 58 items and i made a $ amount based on condition of the product and how much product was left. most of my items still had the original box and were not cheap brands. it totaled just over $2000 of product and i know ofcourse there gonna take off a huge percentage so i calculated 50% which was $606, 25% which was $303 and 10% $121
    i was hoping for that 25% and id be satisfied selling to them….guess what i got? a measly $28. i will NEVER sell to them, tis a rip off and joke. there taking my items and selling them for so close to the merch new value its absolutely ridiculous. there robbin bitches blind. i would have had my items back but they charge you $15 to ship it back…… never again glam bot. your stingy.

    the brands i sent them were too face, urban decay, it cosmetics, nyx, loran, stilla, anistasia, ulta, BECCA, tarte and even two mac products. there a complete joke and waste of life lol

    your better off selling on MUABS if they get there shit together otherwise craigslist it is


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