Side Hustlin’ : How I Make My Extra Income

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writingIn October, when I had been side hustling for a couple months, I wrote a post about what I was doing to make some extra income. A few people asked me for a more detailed post and of course, I was more than happy to write it. Now that I’m actually sitting down to write this post, I feel a little bad since this is going to be pretty boring. I wish I had some great secret to tell you. But nevertheless, I hope this helps!

I started side hustling in September of last year but didn’t really get serious about it until October. I had read in the blogosphere about what other people were doing as side hustles and writing seemed like a good fit for me. I wouldn’t call myself a great writer but I can write or at least string a few words together so I thought I’d give it a try.

I started my search for freelance writing positions on Elance. If you’re not familar with it, its like a job site for freelancers of sorts. Initially, it was hard to get hired for anything since I didn’t have any reviews or feedback yet. I decided to take some really low paying jobs just to get me started. I was able to increase my rate steadily after I had a more complete profile on Elance and more samples to show them. I will say that the one thing that has helped me land jobs the most on Elance is this blog. If you have your own blog that you update regularly, it’s kind of like a live portfolio. Alot of people say that the jobs on Elance don’t pay enough and most of them don’t. But there are good jobs to be found there – you just have to look. I’ve actually found most of my freelance gigs there and have had some moderate success on Craigslist and ProBlogger. I haven’t ventured onto ODesk yet but maybe soon.

I’ve also found a couple virtual assistant jobs on Elance but I tend to stay from those since it gets pretty boring. I’d rather write. I’ve also done some consumer surveys through sites like eRewards. They don’t pay a whole lot and you only get gift cards but its something (I signed up for eRewards years ago. I believe you have to be invited to get an account).

I’ve also had luck on my side. A couple of the clients I have worked with referred me to other people so I gained some new jobs that way.

And there you have it! That is how I side hustle. I now make around $1000 a month through my side hustles. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll make enough for writing to be my main hustle. But for now, its a nice chunk of extra change to have every month. Like I said, I wish I had something amazing to share but I don’t. In the beginning, it can be a lot of work for not much in return. But stick to it! You be a side hustling pro in no time.


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    Wow, $1,000 a month is great! I really need to get serious about side income. I guess I’m just afraid of rejection when it comes to freelancing. I am grateful I have my blog to refer people to – it’s a great portfolio to have.

    • Connie @ Savvy With Saving says

      Thanks! And don’t be afraid of rejection, the worse that can happen is they said “no”.

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    $1000 a month is a nice chunk for sure and you’ve only done this for a few months. I’m sure it takes a lot of work and dedication to build up your reputation and portfolio. Continue good work and thanks for sharing.

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    That’s awesome that you’ve made Elance work for you – I wish I had the patience for it, but I just don’t like working within their system. I think it’s mostly that I don’t like having to submit proposals. But that is fantastic that you’re clearing $1000 a month! As I’ve said before – I’m super impressed 🙂 Keep it up!

    • Connie @ Savvy With Saving says

      Yes, it takes some patience. I don’t spend a lot of time writing proposals – I have one template written and I usually just tweak it a little bit.

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    $1000 a month is very impressive especially since you just started a few months ago. So what type of content are they usually looking for? How quickly do you usually have to submit the content? Thanks! It’s probably something I should look into also.

    • Connie @ Savvy With Saving says

      I’m usually looking for anything I have experience in or interest in – eCommerce, digital, personal finance, beauty (kind of a wide range lol). I usually only work on jobs where I have at least 3 days of lead time (preferably a week). I’m just not able to submit any faster than that.

    • Connie @ Savvy With Saving says

      I’d say it takes me about 15 hours a week. It’s sort of hard to measure since I do work for my blog simultaneously but I don’t make any money off of it. I would love to write full time eventually but I still have a long ways to go.

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    That’s awesome! Congrats of finding success so quickly. I’ve never had much luck with Elance I have a higher success rate by just emailing other bloggers and asking if they need a writer. That has, by far, been my best way to find writing jobs that pay decent.

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    $1,000 a month is awesome! I’ve never had much luck with Elance, but your experience is making me think I should take another look at it. How much do you think this breaks down to an hour?

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    The era of the side hustle is in full swing. We buy and sell used electronics on Ebay to make some extra cash. We also do online surveys which allows us to have money for birthday presents and Christmas without dipping into our savings. Good job building up your side hustle, $1000 a month is excellent. Long live the side hustle!


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